Canadian Permanent Resident Card Renewal

It is encouraged for permanent residents of Canada to carry a valid PR card at all times. Not only does the PR card allow a permanent resident to show proof of status, but it also allows a person to freely travel in and out of the country. If a PR card is within 9 months of expiration, or it has already expired, a permanent resident can submit an application for a new PR card.

In order to renew a permanent resident card, an applicant must submit a complete application in hard copy to one of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) Case Processing Centres for PR cards. Upon submission, provided that an application is complete and that the permanent resident meets all requirements, a new PR card will be issued.

It should be noted that permanent resident status does not expire when a person’s PR card expires. A person can only lose their PR status if they go through an official process. You can lose your PR status in the following situations:

    • An officer determines you are no longer a permanent resident after an inquiry (including PR card renewal) or permanent resident travel document (PRTD) appeal;
    • You voluntarily renounce your permanent resident status;
    • A removal order is made against you and comes into effect, or;
    • You become a Canadian citizen.

Even if a person fails to meet the permanent resident residency obligation, their PR status remains in effect until an official decision is made on their status.

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