Canadian Self Employed Programs

If you are interested in settling in one of Canada’s provinces or territories as a professional athlete, farmer, or artisan, you may be eligible to get a business immigrant visa for yourself and your immediate family.

This is a profitable opportunity for business-savvy individuals who do not wish to invest a sum of their personal funds into another business or government to establish themselves among their peers in Canada.

Federal Self Employed Program

Using a point-based grading system to assess the eligibility of business immigration applicants, the Federal Self-Employed Persons Program also requires applicants to possess two years of relevant work experience within their field as proof that they can be gainfully self-employed in any Canadian province except Quebec.

Provincial Nominee Programs for Self Employed Workers

If an applicant wishes to settle in a particular province, they may choose to apply under its own Self-Employed stream of the Provincial Nominee Program. Each province and territory has its own set of eligibility requirements and selection criteria, though there are often much eligibility overlaps that can be seen in other business immigration streams, such as years of experience and proof of personal funds.

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